Sidney here!

Thanks for stopping by! I'm Sidney, just a normal 23 year old with a heart for photography and people. The infatuation started when I was in high school. I took a photography class for three years and learned the basics, then took a break after I graduated to focus on college. Summer 2018, I decided to dive back into this passion. 

It was the best decision I ever made. This business has allowed me to meet so many amazing people and tell their story. There's nothing I love more than hearing love stories and being able to tell them through timeless images.

I'm a lover of raw and real moments. I want you to see me not only as your photographer but as your friend too.

And if you love dogs as much as I do -- we are going to get along very well!


Another huge part of my life...

Meet Dillon. He's my now *fiance* and we have been together for four years now! He's a pretty big part of my life! *gushy moments to follow* He is my best friend, biggest supporter, and is always cheering me on. I love him more than words can describe!

My why?

Making people feel good about themselves in front of the camera is my goal in this industry. I want you to look at the photos I take for you and say, "We really did that!"

It is such a gift to be on this Earth, documenting your most cherished moments is what I'm here for. It's so much more than photos to me. It's completing the hardest four years of your life, graduating with a masters in nursing, marrying the love of your life, standing next to your girls on your big day, or climbing to the top of a beautiful mountain for a dream elopement. Your life is beginning, and the photos I take for you are living proof of the happiness that radiated from you on your special day.

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