Documenting the most amazing day of your life is something I take seriously. Not only do I want this process to be easy and stress-free for you, I want you to have a memorable time with everyone you love most. This day is not about me. Although I play a role in it, at the end of the day the only thing that matters is love and marriage between two humans. It's more than just taking photos for me.

Also, I will totally hype you up all day long.



"How much is the deposit?"

I require a $350 deposit that is nonrefundable. This holds your date and is due immediately at time of booking. The rest of the payments are due by certain dates and is stated in the contract.

"We are really awkward in front of the camera."

Girl, me too! Which is why I stay behind the camera most of the time! But really, no worries. I will always pose you and help you out on what to do.

Of course, if you have any other questions just include them in your inquiry. These are just some frequently asked ones!

"What is the turn-around time?"

Four-six weeks for the full wedding gallery. You will receive sneak peaks after the wedding, usually just a couple of days after and feel free to post these to social media! Sometimes life can get crazy and galleries will take longer than expected but I will ALWAYS keep you updated.

"Can we post the images on Instagram?"

Absolutely! The only thing I ask is that you credit me and do not edit over my images.

"What is the booking process like?"

We will start by going over the basics. Your story, budget, and package interests. Once we are on the same page I'll send over the contract where you can virtually sign! I'm also so happy to meet in person and chat as well. Typically I like to meet at least once before the wedding and discuss alllll the deets.